Yes, you have the education. Yes, you have the product management experience. Yes, you have it all on the resume.

But while that may satisfy an employer seeking a Product Manager, deep down all that doesn’t satisfy you.

Because you know you’re better. You know that within you are capabilities waiting for the right environment where they can see the light of day. Where your knowledge, imagination, creativity can push the envelope and create products that surprise your clients, even leave them a little bit in awe.

And, because you are so passionate about your work, you’re a great inspiration for those on your team. It’s about you, it’s not about them. It’s about pulling together to pull the most out of your products. They are inspired by your vision, your dedication, your firm philosophy that good enough is never, and will never be good enough.

If you believe in yourself and are just waiting for the opportunity to let loose, we have that opportunity.

We share your vision to the core. We’ve pushed the envelope and produced exceptional products. Our vision as a company takes it one step further. We believe software is only the tool. Helping grow our client’s business is the quest. That means we see products from an entirely different perspective. And, that has proven to make all the difference.

We can offer you great working, environment, 18000 sq. ft., with lunch, free Starbuck’s (and more), lounge to relax, chat, have a coffee, whiteboards to layout your thinking, brainstorming rooms to discuss, explore, even battle. And, may we add, an outdoor deck and country-like views.

But that’s just the physical. Far more important is the quality of the team you’ll be leading. Bright, sharp-thinkers. They’ll pick up on your ideas and help take it even further. They’re just great people all around, people fun to be with even during a grueling planning session.

The only warning we must give you, is you will probably find it hard to leave at the end of the day.

Senior Product Manager responsibilities are:

  • Build and implement product strategies consistent with company vision

  • Retrieve and analyze feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to shape requirements, features and end products

  • Collaborate with senior management to create product plans and roadmaps

  • Supervise and support product managers and coordinate cross-functional teams

  • Prepare and review product requirements documents (PRD)

  • Organize product releases properly and ensure the compliance with schedule

  • Prepare recommendations to expand product base and vision

  • Prepare recommendations to track product use and impact on end users

Senior Product Manager requirements are:

  • 5+ years' experience of working on Product Manager or other relevant position

  • Significant experience in product lifecycle management and working in Agile environment

  • Background in software development and program management is preferred

  • Strong organizational, leadership and communication skills

  • Strong problem-solving skills with creative approach