As a rising leader in software engineering, Bitbean is a junction of business and development expertise. We understand that creating new technology without a concrete foundation of insight and planning is useless. That’s why we leverage our wide range of analytic talents to build powerful, customized software.

Being exceptional developers isn't enough for us. We want to uphold a reputation of being thought leaders whose creations change how companies do business. We don’t love building software because it’s easy. We love it because it challenges us to think of business puzzles and technology in new ways.

We stand by our:

Brain Power Our company is full of naturally curious minds that turn creative thinking into real world solutions. We have some of the industry’s most progressive thinkers hoarded under one roof, busy building the technology of the future.

Boldness We are not afraid of facing challenges in new, unparalleled ways. Settling for traditional, easy work methods is not an option for us.

Experience With decades of experience, we are the software experts that so many other experts lean on. Major companies around North America such as Eastern Union, United and Walmart trust us to do exemplary work.

Process We pour loads of attention and insight into project planning. It’s what makes us so successful. Our business analysts and process managers give each individual project the full potential to succeed.

Heart We have a true intention to use our talents to make the world a better, more efficient place. Bitbean was founded through building software for charities and we maintain strong philanthropic ties with many other nonprofits to this day.

  • Competitive salary and room to grow with the company.

  • Get top-of-the-line hardware to do your best work.

  • We work with you to ensure you have the time off you need.

  • Empowering you through exceptional work-life balance.

  • Stay Fit with our onsite gym (coming soon)

  • Keep growing with our continued education program